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In the Netherlands the government has a significant role in the regulation of healthcare. The Dutch government fulfils its legal duty to promote public health through various laws governing the health system. Through this legislation Dutch lawmakers must strike a delicate balance to ensure those who need care receive it in line with legal rights and obligations, and within the limits of the available resources. This can be a complex exercise and tensions can arise between the numerous laws and regulations that are specific to different types of healthcare.  

In this research line we compare laws and regulations from different healthcare segments (ex. the Health Insurance Act, the Social Domain and the Long-term Care Act). This research aims to promote the harmonization of legal themes that play a role in Dutch health care (eg. access to care, freedom of choice, privacy, and professional autonomy). This research also investigates the impact of international law and European law on these themes.

Affiliated researchers

Mr. dr. B. (Bastiaan) Wallage

Faculty of Law