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In the battle against COVID-19, millions of European citizens entrust Covid-apps with their sensitive personal data. To what extent may the right to data protection be limited in the light of a health crisis and which role does the EU play in this matter? In her article in Ars Aequi, Hannah van Kolfschooten, PhD-candidate at the Law Centre for Health & Life argues that the right to data protection is not protected in the same way and to the same extent by all European Member States during health crises. A high and equal level of data protection for every EU citizen is therefore on edge.

Mobile technology is increasingly being used to manage crisis situations, such as the corona pandemic. Apps process large quantities of personal data, which has consequences for the right to data protection. In her article, van Kolfschooten focuses on the role of data protection in crisis management in the EU and discusses to what extent the right to data protection can be limited in the light of a health crisis.

This article has been published by Ars Aequi | July 2021 

Mr. H.B. (Hannah) van Kolfschooten LLM

Faculty of Law

Constitutional and Administrative Law