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How can medical disciplinary law enhance the quality of care? Johan Legemaate, co-director of the Law Center for Health & Life and UvA Professor of health law concludes in his recent article in the Nederlands Juristenblad that positive impacts can be achieved by carefully considering different perspectives.


The objective of statutory disciplinary law in health care is to promote the quality of care. There is an ongoing debate about whether the current design and application of this disciplinary law actually contributes to achieving that objective. At the same time, there is evidence to the contrary, such as the poor relationship between disciplinary law and the right to complain, the (excessively) punitive nature of disciplinary law, and insufficient coordination between disciplinary and other quality systems in healthcare.

In this article Johan Legemaate examines how disciplinary law has developed in recent years and what possibilities there are for improving its positive impact on quality impact and its learning effect. The article, "De betekenis van het medisch tuchtrecht voor de kwaliteit van zorg", is published in Dutch in edition 21 (2021) of the Nederlands Juristenblad.

Prof. dr. J. (Johan) Legemaate

Faculty of Law

Constitutional and Administrative Law